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Monday, September 27, 2010

High and low looking for Jho Low: Sept 24 2010

al-Deen said...

It seems that this JLow guy is no small go getter or go for it type. Agaknya, alang2 menyelok perkasam biar kepangkal lengan.

It takes a character and means to seek such fast and glamourous lifestyle and livelihood. Let it be for it is none of my business.

In business and politics there will be always suckers out there who need run-around boys, frontmen, proxi to get things done and other favours. Otherwise there would be no Tengku Wong and the likes.

Najib as the PM has the whole government and private machiney at his disposal to run the country. He has no time for high stake private deals or public deals that the rakyat has no knowledge. Suddenly the 5B TIA deal timbul! Singapore deal done! Everyone is in high income group! Hooray, hooray!

Najib has more than enough baggage from his mispronouncements and misjudgements to drown him and his honchos in pru13.

Four trillion dollars: Sept 21 2010

By al-Din on September 24, 2010 11:10 PM

The currency traders' jackpot has accumulated to such mindboggling 4trillion daily that many would struggle to have a share of it notswithstanding the greed and consequences. The (capitalistic) system allows for hedging and currency trading why not exploit to the limit it if you know how. It is democractic to use specific knowledge. Democracy has been praised as a cure-all, resurrected and hijacked to a demi-god but now and then demonic in the hands of the so-called upholders. Pity the sufferage but that is collateral damage.