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Saturday, September 29, 2018


Interviewing Dick Anwar at Port Dick son to be answered yes or no:

Q1: Do you kiss hands?

Q2: Do you kiss ass?

Q3: Was it china doll?

Q4: Was it in Bangkok?

Q5: Was your dick bengkok?

Q6: Was it you or looks like you?

Q7: Are you bisexual?

Q8: Do you have landings in Jakarta?

Q9: Are you a chameleon?

Q10: Can you win the by-erection (oops! election)?


Parliamentarians  have to attend DBP course on BM on instruction of the certot minister? Common man, they are beyond that stage already. Whatever BM they have undergone and mastered through their education, profession and daily life is more than good enough. Moreover, there would not be a dint of improvement by a short course. The crux of the matter is that as new members of parliament they have more urgent things to do and much to catch up with.  No time to polish their tounge. To them it would be undergrading. 

The Minister of Education is already burdened with heavy responsibilities. Why accept the post of rector of UIA? You are no superman. It may save the university millions because it would be free service.  It is not about money saving but effectiveness. Let someone else the job. If the offer is by UIA itself then the institution is as good as the minister. Anyway, Mahathir has said something regarding the post. So take it from there, bro.

Malaysia to welcome the 2000 Saudi students being called back from Canada because of the Saudi-Canada spat? What can we offer in terms of facilities and specialised academic courses to them? They are probably of pampered lot. If the offer is for under-privileged students from poor or wartorne countries make sense. Rohingya students need places in our universities!

The minister is eager-beaver to break into the international scene to look clever and cover mis-statements at home. Another example - to link with China in Islamic studies. It is something like coming out of the blue. The Chinese government is persecuting the Uighurs and other Muslims. It does not fit into the picture squarely at this point of time unless you are implying to let the Uighurs study at UIA. 

Our suggestion is that UIA to open a branch campus somewhere between Ringlet and Blue Valley in  Cameron Highlands where the clime is suitable for scholarship. 

Anwar seems to have a soft spot for him. Anwar is good in manipulating his people into the higher institutions for immediate mass support and purposes of (supposedly) intelligent stamping. This chameleon is not sly, people can see the colour change.  

Friday, September 28, 2018



Dearest Your Majesty,

All of Allah blessings upon you, may you hear this request from your humble rakyat.

We are in a worrying political situation. We are about to crown a dubious man as our Prime Minister in the not so distant future.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said recently, that the Agong said:

“I pardoned you not because of the legal allocation under my power alone, but because I am confident you are innocent, Anwar, and there was travesty or miscarriage of justice. I had to do my duty as a King, to stop this injustice towards you since 1998 till 2018.”

He said further:

“You know what was my response? ‘Your Majesty, this is a very serious statement from you. You are now saying that the judiciary, attorney general’s prosecution, investigation, was all compromised, to fix me up.’

And he claimed that you said:

“Yes, I’m telling you the truth. You want to, you can tell tonight in your lecture,” 

He told a packed hall at the Corus Hotel.


Dearest Tuanku, please confirm that you did say this to him.

And if you indeed said this, please setup a royal committee to investigate the matter since 1998. 

Please set this up now. If you do it after Anwar becomes a PM, Anwar will get the blame for being revengeful.

If you don’t do it now, it means Anwar is a blatant liar.

It is either or.

We cannot have Mahathir as Prime Minister anymore if you actually believed he abused his powers to jail an innocent man.

And if that was not the case, why do we want a blatant liar who manipulates and throw even the King’s name for his advantage, as our Prime Minister?

We must uphold the Rule of Law, Your Majesty.

Anwar’s claim basically raise another big question on your integrity, Your Majesty. 

Because if you believed he was innocent back then, why didn’t you say anything all these while? Why only say this behind closed doors? Although you were not the King then, you’re still a royalty. You’re above politics but jailing an innocent man is above politics too. 

I refuse to believe what Anwar said because I refuse to believe that Malaysia has an Agong that has no integrity. I’m not believing Anwar on this. 

This is especially because no Rulers or even princes had ever said anything about this. For Anwar to claim that you said he can tell you said all that in his lecture, is highly dubious.

I seriously hope that you will clarify or confirm Anwar’s claims. No one should be allowed to fabricate what the King said.

We Rakyat needed Your Majesty’s leadership in 1998, and we need it even more so today.

Please, do the right thing.

Please confirm that you said such things to Anwar so that we know we are not putting a blatant liar and manipulator as our Prime Minister.

And if indeed you said what you said, please go after the whole judiciary systems that did this to an innocent man. An innocent rakyat.

Please go after Mahathir now if he indeed abused his power to jail an innocent man.

Rakyat cannot keep on being lied to, whether by Mahathir or Anwar.

Please clear this question about your integrity. That is of utmost importance.

Should you feel that the contents of this letter inappropriate of a rakyat to ask of you, you may charge me and I will gladly serve my time in prison for that is more acceptable to me than having a Prime Minister who lied to the rakyat. One of them must have been lying to the rakyat.

Please, Tuanku. I beg you.

Daulat Tuanku.

-Mujahidin Zulkiffli

Thursday, September 27, 2018


Hang Najib sudah membuat nama seantero alam. Media massa - surat khabar,     TV dll telah menghebohkan kehebatan (kleptokrasi). 

Ini jauh beza dengan Hang Tuah atau Hang Jebat, tidak terkenal. Hanya orang Melayu sahaja tahu serba sedikit hikayat mereka. Masa empayar Melaka dulu tidak ada pencatit sejarah inikan pula internet.

Dimanakah agaknya makam Hang Najib nanti? Sg Buluh. Bolehkah tanah Pahang terima jasad anak durhaka? Keris Bugisnya akan dilemparkan dimuara Sg Pahang akhirnya ditelan laut. 

Perigi Hang Tuah, Kg. Duyong, Melaka.

Makam Hang Jebat, Melaka.

Makam Hang Tuah, Kg. Balik Bukit, Tg. Keling, Melaka.


Idola Guan Eng semasa menjadi Menteri P. Pinang ialah Khalifah Omar sebagai tauladan dalam aspek pemerintahan yang adil. Beliau juga mengungkap beberapa kata hikmah, hadith, ayat al Quran dalam ucapan. 

UMNO naik berang dan alim ulama menegah yang bukan Islam menggunakan ayat suci tanpa mendalami maknanya. Kerenah orang Islam juga yang menyempitkan Islam. Seperti kata Zahid komidi, orang shi'ah bukan Islam. Dengan itu  ia menghukum Iran, negara Islam yang terkuat dulu dan sekarang kafir! 

Sesungguhnya al Quran adalah untuk semua makhluk, manusia maupun binatang, alam semesta dan cakrawala.
Sebenarnya berkatan telah dipraktikan sejak 4,000 tahun dahulu oleh tamaddun Mesir.

Egyptian circumcision relief, tomb of Ankhmahor, Saqqarah, 6th dynasty (2345-2181 BC).

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Orang2 UMNO yang telah keluar/akan keluar parti tidak ada telor maupun prinsip. Mereka seolah lalang mengikut arah tiupan angin. 

Begitu lama mereka dalam kancah politik tidak tahu yang benar dan yang salah. Kan bangang tu.

Ewah, masa keloptokrat dulu soronok meraih kemewahan hidup tanpa mengira kepimpinan munafiq sarat dengan rasuah dan salahlaku. 

Kalau betul mereka berprinsip sepatutnya bersuara menentang dan sedia berhenti jawatan. Ini tidak,   mereka membisu tanpa memikirkan kerosakan negara dan rakyat jelata. 

Selepas kekalahan BN, bila tersepit baru sedar bumi yang dipijak. Mula bersuara dan tahu realiti, dunia dan akhirat. 

Kalau diterima masuk PH usah diberi jawatan tinggi kerana terbukti budi pekerti mereka yang lampau. Biar mereka lebihkan masa jaga cucu ikut  kata Nazri gengsta.


It used to be known as Public Works Department (PWD) now known as Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR). The latter seems to have different connotations with time or hijacked along the way to deal more of road matters. Raya is a misnomer, the accurate word for public is awam then we have Jabatan Kerja Awam. People might say what's in a name. 

In the years past, Government quarters and buildings were well maintained by PWD. Come JKR the quarters are in dilapidated conditions, unsafe and many demolished. Apparently there is mistake in the housing policy that deter staff to live in government quarters. They prefer to rent outside because of the housing allowance. To encourage staying in the quarters staff should also get housing some allowance probably about half. Thus, when the quarters are in use there  will be strong reasons to maintain and renovate if needs be.  

Is the JKR trying to show that they are doing work and make their presence felt? They are eager to put new technologies on the road without really studying the ramifications.  

Take for example ribbing the road crosswise with yellow or red bumps. The latter jar drivers to the backbones. It is outrageous and wasteful when there are ribbings for lengths before bends, traffic lights, schools, masjids, churches etc. Imagine the costs for the whole country. Are the traffic signs not enough? JKR cannot be ultraistic (accident avoidance) to the point of stupidity and underestimate drivers' common sense in the need for safe driving.

The ribbings will worne out and add more costs to replace. Of more importance is to keep the white centre divide and shoulder lines clear.  And limit the use of studs on the lines. In the US the dividing lines are painted yellow for opposing traffic to avoid confusion to drivers.

Is the JKR trying to show that they are doing work and make their presence widely felt. They are eager to put new technologies on the road without really studying the ramifications.

The road signs erected for sharp bends are one too many. It is again a wastage. The posts could be hazardous when a vehicle accidentally plough them.

For ease of maintenance, grass cutting along road shoulders should be mechanised using tractor mowers as far as possible. This means that foremost the shoulder should be made  level (and sloping outwards) to facilitate mowing. Pity the workers swinging the grass-cutting knapsack machines. It is tiring.

If we travel up Genting Highlands, we can notice the nicely made roadside drains. Compare this to Cameron Highlands or Fraser's Hill, broken drains and potholes. This is no rocket science for the JKR engineers. Sack them or sack yourself. 

Keep it simple but not regressing!

Friday, September 14, 2018


On December 3, Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first successful transplant of a human heart at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. Dr. Barnard, seen above with members of his surgical team, had perfected the transplant technique after years of research with laboratory animals. Both he and his patient - 55-year-old Louis Washkansky, who was about to die of an incurably diseased heart - were ready. What was needed was a suitable heart. The historic operation was made possible by an automobile accident which fatally injured 24-year-old Denise Ann Darvall, whose father gave permission for her undamaged heart to be used. A week later Washkansky (below) was sitting up. But massive doses of drugs used to combat his body's natural rejection of the foreign tissues prevented him from fighting the double pneumonia which caused his death 18 days after the surgery. Although this patient died, his doctors were convinced of the effectiveness of the transplant and at year's end were preparing to perform another.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


- also means Anything But Anwar Ibrahim. 

Messages have been flying since Danyal Balagopal's (former navy Admiral) announcement over his resignation as the MP for PD. 


First it was 'Permatang Pauh Move'.
Then it was 'Kajang Move'.
Now its 'Port Dickson Move'.

What a mockery - totally preposterous!
We have to teach this family a lesson.
We must make them realise that Malaysia doesn't belong to them.

This family should not take the rakyat for granted - the voters are not fools!
It was with the relentless effort of the rakyat that the kleptocratic government of BN was removed after 61 years.

Why can't his wife Wan Azizah or his daughter Nurul Izzah make way for him?
Isn't this an act of selfishness?

Why this particular family wants to dominate the party & the parliament?

It is widely felt that if at all there was an urgency for Anwar to become an MP, no other MP should be made a sacrificial lamb, just to make way for his re-entry into Parliament.

Port Dickson MP Danyal Balagopal Abdullah, who is a first time parliamentarian, has been forced to vacate his seat.

At a time when our country is facing an unprecedented financial crisis, is there a need to spend a few more millions for a *forced by-election?*

It is a gross injustice and an utter mockery to Malaysian politics - especially so when TWO of Anwar's family members are MPs.

Wise thinking Malaysian's should not allow this dominance of party and government by a single family.

If we let Anwar win in Port Dickson, very soon we'll have a scenario whereby the husband is the PM & the wife, Deputy PM.

Isn't that a mockery?

If this scenario were to be staged by the Anwar family, then we can safely presume that PH will not last beyond 2023.


Let us all join hands and ensure that Anwar loses in this by-election.

In the GE14, Danyal secured 36,226 votes against the opposition's (PAS) 25,109 votes.

With a little bit of effort we can ensure that the opposition wins.
Losing just one seat will not make a difference for the ruling government.

The rakyat has to remind these unscrupulous politicians that the rakyat is not to be taken for granted.

The National Patriots Association (Patriot) - a strong supporter of PH - has already raised an alarm against this Port Dickson move.

*Lets do it.*

2.  Message from blog reader Hamzah:    

The Anwar Conundrum

Interesting to hear that certain parties are working together to ensure Anwar doesn’t win in PD. (And these are not BN people!) 

If Anwar loses, he cannot be PM. 
They cannot engineer another by-election as Rakyat will be angry. 
(Good strategy to neutralise Anwar.) 

When he loses, Anwar may rejoin BN - bringing the PKR MPs with him. 
Azmin will stay in PH but shift allegiance to PPBM. 
He will be PM-designate. 

Either way, political instability will be created.

Anwar wants to create an Anwar Dynasty with Azizah and Nurul Izzah in power.
If Anwar loses, he will join the Opposition to challenge PH altogether.
Honestly we don’t need this with the upcoming financial crisis at our doorsteps. 

(adapted after OSTB)

tilam sutai

Monday, September 10, 2018


Stamford Raffles established Singapore in 1812. Early as Governor General he sent to the Shogun of Japan a diplomatic gift of an elephant the next year.

H.H. the Rajah Muda and Tongkoos returning to Kedah.

Prince Necorn Sawan Paribatri's departure to Kedah.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Minister of Education, hullo, hullo. Do not reveal yourself too much. It is getting dumber and dumber.

On getting appointed as Minister you talked about feet (shoes) but not head (brain). Is black or white shoes a major issue. Has feedback from parents, teachers, and pupils been made before jumping to a decision?  Please do not make policies based on narrow perspectives and experience.

Now, you say certot short for cerita kontot. It sounds janggal unlike pawagam (panggung wayang gam bar). Indonesians are good at coining word combination. Let DBP get into the linguistics. As a Minister go into bigger things for example set guidelines for more open use of school fields  for the public after school hours, on weekends and holidays. 

As taxpayers the public has the the right of access and use of school amenities. Apart from fostering closer school-community relationship there would be fuller utilisation of facilities. More so there is lack of public parks in the country. But golf courses aplenty indicating our lack of planning for recreation.

Reduce the number of Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah to half the number meaning that 2-3 districts share an office. This is to minimise tier and overlapping leading to effective management by the state officers. It is common knowledge that the staffing of PPDs are filled up with slackers and suckers.

The concept of sekolah dalam taman is over-zealously if not ignorantly conducted. In most cases especially new schools in high density areas the school compound are limited. To fill every nook and corner with plants and pots make it crowded what more with thousands of pupils. The school gardener is unable to maintain the plants as such they become neglected, untrimmed and potential hazards. Open space with green grass create the expanse effect and uncrowded minds.

Mahathir wanted to get our education system on the right track but people got stuck with one-post PM! I am sure there are more capable candidates than the Certot.

addendum: Najib as Minister of Education and PM neglected to uplift education standard in Pahang. There are two things at least he could do. One, establish a branch campus of University Islam at Cameron Highlands, a cool climate for studentship; two, build a primary school at Fraser's Hill, another cool place, so that residents and staff do not have to send their children elsewhere. There is one primary school there, a Tamil one. 

The current Minister of Education should look into these matters where education facilities are in need.


The mobile phone can be a killer, a bomb. Beware! Don't trust your love.

Pada 6 Ogos lalu, Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Selangor, Fadzil Ahmat mengesahkan kematian Nazrin diklasifikasikan sebagai kes bunuh di bawah Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan.

Beliau berkata, keputusan itu dibuat berdasarkan laporan Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat serta bedah siasat.

Nazrin, 47, maut dalam kebakaran di rumahnya di Petaling Jaya kira-kira 12.20 tengah hari, 14 Jun lalu.

Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd dalam kenyataan ketika itu mengesahkan laporan bedah siasat menyimpulkan kematian Nazrin berpunca daripada komplikasi kecederaan akibat letupan telefon bimbit yang sedang dicas berdekatannya.

PETALING JAYA: Samirah Muzaffar yang merupakan isteri Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif (CEO) Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, Nazrin Hassan direman 7 hari bagi membantu siasatan kematian suaminya pada Jun lalu, lapor Bernama.

(after tukar tiub)


Sabrata, 40 miles (64km) west of Tripoli, holds the remains of a splendid Roman theatre that could seat 5,000 people under colonnades 80 feet (24m) high…

For the best examples of North African Islamic design, one must look farther west to Kairouan, once one of the holy cities of Islam in the days when the land was called Ifriqiya. The great mosque there is strictly practical, yet it is one of the most beautiful buildings. A single, huge square minaret acts as a landmark and a fortress gate through which grateful traders can reach the sheltered enclosure inside (like the yard of the Arab caravanserai)…