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Thursday, October 27, 2011


The role of government is to distribute wealth and take care of the welfare of each and every one of its citizen. The poor, needy, disabled, and old should receive special attention. It may entail taking money from one groups of citizens and giving it to another, for example in the case of taxation.

What this means is that the government is a form of tongkat to all. It is only in the matter of degrees as to how much of a tongkat individuals, families or groups of citizens deserve and given. It is in the giving that is wronged by governments.

Tongkat is now becoming a bad word. NEP meant for affirmative action for the Malays and bumiputras has boomeranged. Over time it has bastardized the beneficiaries according to Najib. We are hiding behind NEP he further said.

Many of us have nothing to hide for we have nothing. It is only the politicians who want to hide or ignore the problems of the underdogs and sweep them under the carpet. This strategy of the good look factor to win votes. Blame the child but not the rod?

There is nothing with UMNO. It is the politicians who have abused UMNO. It is a springboard to jettison  many to ambitious self-serving interests using UMNO to get rich quick, practice cronyism, corruption. Many cling to their positions till die standing. To say that NEP is a bloody tongkat then UMNO is a bloodier tongkat!

Many deadwoods are parasites who do not pick a thing in their many years in UMNO. They play safe. I rub your back and you rub my back. These are the people who hide behind UMNO. Yet the leadership still favour them. This resulted in mediocrity and that breeds insecurity in the party.

By such an analogy, then UMNO is the tongkat that has dangerously and blatantly bastardized the Malays. If that is so, it should be disbanded! With that the question of abolishing NEP does not arise.

Due to the bastardizing effect of UMNO and its being the strong arm of the government, by the same token it has weakened and bastardized its master.

Which one is of greater bastardization factor for the Malays and bumiputras?

Many are young when they start with UMNO.

He is the greatest sucker of all.

Claims himself to be a samurai bouncer (L). Look at kontot finger.
The parliament is 45yrs old (hence the millions of repairs or build anew). Does he know how many centuries old is the British parliament building?

I love UMNO and future more than PKR (R).

Mr. Clean, imam, man in a hurry, raised petrol prices 3 times in a row within one year. Where has the money gone? Is it with UMNO?

Both these two are dangerously ambitious in UMNO. People who dream during the day plot at night.

Mr. Ironman in UMNO, jetset with moneybags (L).

MAYC never had no meeting during his tenure (R). Will SAPD bungle?

We are not out of the woods yet. Beloved UMNO our trojan horse.

His 40x1 years experience in UMNO is an embarrassment.
Clueless as to the right things to do!
UMNO is a good hiding place.

UMNO diretakkan dari dalam oleh orang2nya sendiri. Kini menanti belah (L).

A mild form of bastardized Malay (R).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean are coral islands developed over volcanic uprise. They are under Australian territory. Darwin visited the islands in 1836.

Temperature ranges between 23-27C and rainfall 2000mm/year. Coconuts are a dominant feature and hence its name Cocos.

Alexander Hare, British entreprenuer-adventurer had dealings with the sultans in Banjarmasin and Java. He left for Cape Town after business-misadventures. Later from C. Town he sailed and landed on Cocos-Keeling in 1826 along with 100 of his workers.

Van der Jagt reported in 1829 there were 36 males, 25 females and 37 children in Cocos. The presnt stock originated mainly from Malays (from Bali, Bima, Sulawesi, Madura, Sumbawa, Timor, Sumatra, Pasir-Kutai, Batawi, Cerebon, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Tasikmalaya, Kota Waringan, Malacca, Penang) with sprinklings of Chinese, Papuan and African blood.

During the later part of WWII in 1945, a 2000 yard airstrip was built by the Allied Forces that also accomodated 8300 personnel. Thousands of coconut trees were buldozed into the sea.

In 1947 ie. after the war there 1814 inhabitants and life was desperate and food was rationed. It was made worse when Mdm Clunies-Ross and her son John Cecil (the father once managed part of Cocos and its economy) demanded repatriation for the losses during the war. Hundreds left to settle in Sabah, Singapore and  to Christmas Islands.

Now they enjoy good housing.

Fishing is one of their livelihoods.

Harvesting coconut sap from flower stalk to make syrup and sugar.

Basket weaving for own use or tourist market (R).

Quran reading and khenduri Hari Raya.
Time for wedding and dancing.

Reference: Kepulauan Cocos (Keeling): Masyarakat Melayu di Australia. Padilah Ali (penterjemah), 1993, DBP

Monday, October 17, 2011


1Finger is being iconised more than ever before it must run thick in the traditions of many cultures. Never struck my mind before to trace the early history of the pointing and poking 1Finger. A moot point to dwell anyway.

Apparently, 1Finger was found much recorded in western culture. To the orient pointing the finger is crude and rude what more giving the finger.

Perhaps Adam the first man created on earth could have used the finger to point the forbidden fruit to Hawa! Walla hu alam.

Drawing from a 13th-century manuscript, Plato pointing and scratching Socrates's back.

Socrates known for philosophy was said to be able to foretell the sex of a yet-unborn child.

During the Last Supper, one of the disciples purportedly gave a finger.

Basil 1 (867-886), a Macedonian was a wise emperor during the climax of the Byzantium Empire. He gave the 1Up sign.

"I want to finger out to you that have your head on your chest!". That was how the monks of 12th century viewed the denizens of the Orient. These 2 were supposedly from India!

Louis IX of France gave the finger while sailing to Africa crusading to invade Jerusalem by way of Egypt.

Dealing in currency, Italian bankers accept pledges for coins - Byzantine and Arab as well as European. Their loan services were vital to commerce in town and at fairs. They were doing finger counting.

Albuquerque gave the warning finger that Malacca would perish and true enough in 1511.

21st century poke the 1Finger in part II coming!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


When Frank Swettenham had just became the Resident of Selangor when William Cameron, a government (Scottish) surveyor came to see him and asked for "... a roving mission to go with a party of wild people whom he would collect, and explore the depths of the jungle ..."

A Kulup Riau was amongst his party when they discovered a plateaux on the border of Perak and Pahang in 1885 and now known as Cameron Highlands.

The mists and clouds were still enveloping Tanah Rata (1430m a.s.l.) in 1973 when I was first posted there. Now at 1600m at my farm near the summit of Gunung Brinchang the clouds will surround you. It is the highest farm anywhere else - Fraser's Hill, Bkt Larut, Kundangsang,  in Malaysia perhaps.

You have to past Pak Itam's house and the BOH Plantations as you wind up along the narrow road to G. Brinchang.

I have stayed a few nights alone in the hut before before but not lately. Years ago I did 2 seasons of cabbage, the price came down to 50cents/kg and didn't make money.

It has been being rented out to grow cabbage for a long while. They employ Bangladeshi workers.

By Najib's definition I'm a rentier.

At that high altitude cabbage grows well without much watering because it's always misty and moist plus the frequent rain.

Leaf pests are less severe because of the lower temperature. This means less pesticides are needed.

These cabbages are half mature and in another month will be  harvested. With increase in demand locally and export markets (mainly through Singapore) along with more efficient maketing infrastructure the ex-farm price has stablised somewhat allowing growers to get good income.

I've planted dahlias, purple grass, yellow trumpet flower etc by the cement wall of the 2-storey hut. Persimon (pisang kaki) fruit trees brought from Florida were planted along the slope but were stolen!

Could it become my last bastion before oblivion? Or just a dream!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Teringat lagi blogger Reme Op Ed mengisahkan keadaan cemas dan huru-hara semasa Anwar ditangkap. Dia tak tunjuk gambar dalam penulisannya. Saya tak nampak dia dan dia tak nampak saya pada malam tu. Ha, Ha!

Terjumpa gambar2 kesah lama ni. Adakah sejarah akan berulang? Tunggu saja.

Mendengar ura dia hendak ditangkap, penyokong2 memberi semangat.(R).

Suasana di rumah Anwar pada malam ditangkap.

Makan sebelum dihantar ke Sg Buluh (L). Ketua Polis, Rahim Noor jawab wartawan (R).

Demo se demo nya!

Anwar kata itu semua fitnah dan konspirasi.

Mahathir dicemoh dan dikecam sebagai diktator.

Demo di Jakarta!

Bergelut (L), disembur (R).

Anak jumpa Estrada dapatkan simpati.