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Saturday, March 30, 2013


For the first few days of the Lahad Datu incursion we saw DIGP Khalid overconfidently making statements that the negotiations were making headway and peace is at hand. Everybody was happy to hear that. Khalid must have good reasons to say so. What went wrong then that ended in bloodshed?

Perhaps we did not believe that the Suluks would stick to their guns. We took the security threat lightly and IGP Ismail passed the command to his deputy in matters of national threat! Hence, Khalid became top cop helming the command room at the crucial beginning. 

Najib, busy with his knee-jerk politicking, ready to wash his hands made it known that things are under control, leaving the matter entirely to the duo Ismail-Zulkefli. Unlike the Maunah incident brought about by internal elements, the LD case is of external intrusion and calls for  PM's direct intervention.

The Bajak Laut or Suluks are brave seafaring people. Without their fighting the onslaught by the crusaders, Spaniards and Americans and hence Christianisation of that part of Nusantara would be total. Thousands of them died as martyrs. If the crusaders were not stalled by the Suluks God knows what would happen to the whole of Borneo and even the Tanah Melayu.

The Suluks are Malays and so are the other Filipinos basically before they were widely impregnated by the Spaniards and Chinese.

The perception is that we have been in good terms with the Suluks for centuries. Whatmore, they are Muslims and many of them have found residence and citizenship here. We do not expect them to bite the hands that feed. We were proved wrong. Was our intelligence misled and became lackadaisical?

Was Khalid all by himself to negotiate without help from other parties of influence including the Suluk themselves? We  should not exhaust all manner of negotiations even though time-taking which many people would not bear. The point is to avoid deaths. Happy is the day when Muslims kill Muslims for the crusaders.

Money was said that sent them to LD, we could use that weakness in their motive. What is there, say RM10million  for purposes of persuasion for peace compared to 10 lives lost  on our side. Remember, RM10 million was illegally transferred abroad by NS MB through the money changer. He  dared to say that he did not know the rule!

We hold the cards and all options are on the table to deal with the intruders. What needed most was patience from all. Apakan daya, nasi telah menjadi bubur. The war may go on for years to come. The battle has not been won.

 For the elitist-Klang Valley-Iskandar-Peninsular-centred  development by Najib, Sabah and Felda are fixed-deposits no more. The amount of funds failed to be apportioned for the greater rural development of Sabah (and Sarawak) in terms of infrastructure and economy are now being claimed by their rightful owners multiple fold.

Sabah wants a bridge to link Labuan but Muhyiddin brushed off the idea as if he does not see beyond his nose-bridge. Penang have two bridges made possible by the slumberjack. Now a multi-billion ringgit tunnel may soon emerge.

Felda Sahabat, an oil palm conglomerate is said to be larger than Singapore, has more than 50 schemes. It seems that only several of the schemes are owned by settlers? If that is so, Felda has greviously deviated from its main function to settle the landless. It has become more of a corporation now screwed-up by Najib.

How miserable and neglected are many of the  local ethnics, and Bajaus-Suluks (citizens), the latter living in houses of stilts? That Shafie Afdal should know better.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The signs are on the walls they say come PRU13.

Figuratively. Anwar, much bloated before embalming.

Anubis preparing Anwar for embalming and mummified pharoah style.

 Lightning fast forward 1000 years later, the mummy exhumed and skeletons studied. Unlike the Perak man was found to be in fetal position (below pics) by archeologists, Anwar was found to be in missionary position by museum scholars!


Saturday, March 23, 2013


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Monday, March 11, 2013


Anthropologically ...  Africa ( first two pics), Papua New Guinea (third pic), Nusantara (4th & 5th pics), USA (last).

Thursday, March 7, 2013


The father of transformation of endless possibilities and sloganeering.

Pope first, next Mekah! An archdiocese granted for Malaysia.

In 2010, did he sign the 10-point solution letter to Bishop Malaya releasing the Indonesian Malay Bible with kalimah from Port Kelang?

Al Jib Gor proudly twitted from Mekah, remember you all.

Blessed by Murugan?

11 my feng shui, Dolah 13 - we see different astrologers!

Among the farce he created.


After >11x3 years of politics in the shadows of Tun Razak, he is still clueless -

i) Felda dismembered
ii) PPSMI rejected
iii) ISA abolished (yes, he listened)
iv) Minimum wage fiasco
v) Keep deadwoods and recycled has-beens
vi) RM65million official residence refurbishment
vii) Cost of living  doubled.
viii) RM100millions budgeted for Permata's programme for the elites
ix) Massive elitist-centred development projects in KL instead of prioritising needs of the rural rakyat.

He thinks the Causeway is longer than the world's longest bridge in China. He is blind to reasons and cannot see beyond his nose.

Subservient, who hold the dosiers on him and Dolah, Singapore, CIA?

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Now, I didn't say that. Dr. Mahathir did.

The deaths were unnecessary. Deaths are fated by Allah the Almighty.

Yes, those Tausugs made a grave mistake of armed intrusion into our country. But from their own historical perspectives they believe as if Sabah is still part of their homeland. It is a very deep rooted feeling that they are ready to die for it. It is difficult for others to fathom such gamut of feelings. Circumstances of state and regional politics of the past have divided their homeland and separated them from their blood relatives. To them it has been an injustice. Their ancestors have fought against the Spaniards, Americans, and even their own Filipino masters which suppress and still up in arms against them. The strength of Islam in them and bravery make them ready martyrs.

 We have all the time in the world to solve the standoff peacefully. It may take 3 weeks or even months to starve and weaken the already cordoned intruders.  They are not many and are inferior to our mental, weaponry and other resources. The ultimate aim is to prevent deaths to fellow Muslims brothers. Never mind what the public and world say about being indecisive. More so when a dalang is involved according to several sources.

Right from the first day, Najib said we want to settle it peacefully and avoid bloodshed. What is the signal there? It is a veiled threat. He has upped the tempo too early. Just say to end it peacefully, to mention bloodshed at such an early stage is to draw blood.

This is not sloganeering, a habit Najib picked up during his many years in politics. The consequent is that he could not refine or hone himself befitting what a PM should say or not to say during  such a grave crisis. He seems to be a Johnny-come-lately on so many issues that equate him somewhat to 33x1 instead of 11x3 years of politics! By the way, 11 is his feng shui number, Dolah 13. These two are really jokers at times.

Is he in a hurry to solve the crisis afraid that it may become a political issue in the coming election? Now that lives are lost, it becomes an issue that the government is incompetent.

Is this is going to be a repeat of Mamali impasse leading to messacre (death of 14 of Ibrahim Libya's followers and 4 security forces), and also the Khalil-Muhdalena amok? Wisely engaged, time, level-headedness, correct perspectives, and patience are weapons of peace.

The Malaysian security forces upped the tempo to a higher level by making public the time frames to solve the standoff. When the third time limit was ignored we lost face and sent blood curdling to act. Ok, the enemy raised the white flag. Our VAT69 commandos fell into the trap. But then to be safe and sure they should have instructed the enemy to come out in the open, unarmed and then only show our faces, combat ready. Isn't that standard operative in warfare? Perhaps, it is easy for me to say for not being part of the life-risking danger.

Now, look at Najib's announcement. He seems ready to wash his hands off. If Ismail and Zulkefli make it good, Najib is happy, if they fail, I am  not to be blamed. The point is, Najib has been going round high and low to transform things, big or small, immaterial whether they are within the portfolio of other ministeries - BR1M, IM4UFM, KR1M, handouts to gain votes (what the taxpayers make of that!) .... He is in a hurry to be proclaimed as the father of transformation. However, when comes to the national acid test to deal with infringement of sovereinty he delegated the job! In fact, he should be much in control of the Operation Room and rightly so as a former Defense Minister supposedly wizened to handle high security matters. Nothing much we hear of his DM days except controversies - Scorpene kickback, Altanthuya, fighter engine lost, disgruntled retired generals, and what not.

Given that Anwar is the dalang, and proven he could be placed under ISA. Oh no, Najib listened and abolished ISA! Najib gets his own medicine for his blunders.