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Monday, August 31, 2015


(Courtesy: Fudzail)

New Silk Road - China to Europe

Bridging the gap

By JENNIFER LO in Astana, Kazakhstan
Bridging the gap
President Xi Jinping with German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (left) and Hannelore Kraft, the state premier of North-Rhine Westphalia, in front of a map showing the route of the Yuxinou Railway in March last year. The new railway allows goods from China to be transported through Central Asia to reach Europe in just 15 days. (AFP)

The fabled Silk Road conjures up images of vast picturesque steppes where nomads ride on galloping horses, and camel caravans laden with expensive spices, tea leaves and silk from the East slowly make their way to the West.
Today, the iron Silk Road, as it is called, is reducing the time and cost it takes to transport goods. It is still a linchpin of trade between the East and West.
Every year, millions of laptops made in western China are transported on the Yuxinou Railway through the rough terrains of Central Asia to Europe in just 15 days, saving two-thirds of the time needed for ocean freight.
This was made feasible with the launch of the 11,870-kilometer new Eurasian Land Bridge in 2011 — one of the landmark transnational projects to boost connectivity in Central Asia, which lies at the crossroads between Asia and Europe.
Efforts to upgrade infrastructure in Central Asia have borne fruit in recent years. Small and massive infrastructure projects have sprouted like mushrooms, from small-scale waterworks to mega projects such as the construction of roads and railways.
The numbers speak for themselves.
The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program is a partnership of 10 countries and six multilateral agencies — including the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme — collectively promoting regional development and cooperation.
CAREC’s investment in the region has grown from six to 157 projects in less than 15 years. By the end of 2014, it had invested in transport, energy and trade facilitation projects, totaling $24.6 billion, a tenfold increase from 2001.
Until 2020, some $38.8 billion worth of investment will be channeled into the development of six multimodal transport corridors measuring 30,000 km in length — or three-fourths the Earth’s circumference.
“This network connects markets in China with Azerbaijan through Kazakhstan, providing access to Europe, and stretches from northern Kazakhstan to Pakistan’s seaports in the South,” says Zhang Wencai, vice-president (Operations 1) of the ADB, where he is responsible for operations in South Asia as well as Central and West Asia.
Considered a milestone is the recent opening of the Uzen-Bereket-Gorgan railway, which provides a shortcut between Central Asia and the Persian Gulf.
The 900-km railway connects cities in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran, and will ultimately become part of a north-south corridor that stretches from the coast of the Baltic Sea to the Gulf.
Launched in December 2014, the new line is expected to spur a shift from truck to rail by linking major terminals in the region.
“This railway will be our gate to the Middle East,” said Nursultan Nazarbayev, speaking at the annual Astana Economic Forum held in the Kazakh capital in late May.
The Kazakh president has given an optimistic forecast: Grain deliveries from Kazakhstan to Iran will surge fivefold, thanks to the new line, and freight volumes will reach 10 million tons this year.
Yet none of these would be possible without tremendous investment in physical infrastructure. Building the Uzen-Bereket-Gorgan railway alone cost a hefty sum of $1.4 billion.
Asia as a whole will require some $8 trillion to fund infrastructure development from 2010 to 2020. Investment needs in Central Asia exceed $21 billion, according to ADB estimates.
Resource-rich Kazakhstan is among the key players to close that infrastructure gap.
From airport expansion to building a logistics center at the border, the world’s largest landlocked economy is in a quest to strengthen its position as a transit hub between the East and West.
According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, trade volume among major markets of the Eurasian continent will reach $1.2 trillion by 2020, up from $800 billion last year.
A bulk of it comes from the burgeoning trade between China and the European Union, with trade volume expected to rise from $615 billion to $800 billion in the same period.
“While 98 percent of trade is delivered by sea, it creates huge opportunities to shift part of this trade flow to inland routes,” says Askar Mamin, president of state-owned railway company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.
Kazakhstan’s involvement in an 8,000-km highway project known as the Western Europe-Western China International Transit Corridor is an example of an effort to capitalize on this trend.
The transcontinental corridor via Kazakhstan will enable Chinese goods to reach Europe in 15 days, three times faster than the conventional sea route through the Suez Canal.
The Kazakh segment of the corridor — some 3,000 km and with a handling capacity of 30 million tons of cargo every year — is due to finish by the end of this year.
However, the recent economic slowdown in Central Asia has been hampering efforts to rebuild much of the region’s decaying infrastructure built by the former Soviet Union.
According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index in 2014, most Central Asia and South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) economies still lag behind in logistics and infrastructure development, with rankings below 100 out of 160 countries. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan rank at the bottom at 140 and 149, respectively. Kazakhstan ranks 88, compared to China at 28.
A fluctuating rouble and plunging oil prices have adversely affected national revenue and created economic hardships for resource-rich countries in the region.
Central Asia will slow to the weakest pace in five years with average GDP growth of only 3.5 percent this year, according to ADB. Kazakhstan will decline to 1.9 percent, down from 7.5 percent in 2011.
An alternative boost comes from China.
In recent years, Chinese coffers have increasingly funded infrastructure development in countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt.
Unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, the One Belt, One Road Initiative consists of various funding mechanisms and a slew of projects to boost regional connectivity.
The overland Silk Road, reminiscent of the centuries-old trade route, connects China and Europe through Central Asia; the maritime Silk route provides links between South China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.
“The Silk Road project — comprised of more than 60 countries and half of the world’s population — has the ingredients of a mega project in the modern era,” says Maksat Mukhanov, chairman of the Economic Research Institute in Kazakhstan, a state-funded think tank.
“It is highly relevant as the center of the world’s economic gravity is shifting to Asia.”
For instance, the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) established with a capital input of $100 billion is expected to provide a new funding avenue for the region’s infrastructure.
Another notable move is Chinese involvement in a hydropower project, the first investment from the $40-billion Silk Road Fund founded in Beijing last year to finance infrastructure development.
The $1.65-billion Karot Hydropower Project includes plans to build transport and energy infrastructure linking the deep-sea Gwadar Port in southwestern Pakistan to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in northwestern China.
Wang Yanzhi, general manager of the Silk Road Fund, says his organization is keen to explore opportunities in the region, particularly in Kazakhstan.
“As Kazakhstan is now at a critical period of development with industrialization accelerated, many infrastructure projects are underway with high demand for capital, co-financing and loan extensions,” he says, adding that several projects in the country’s mining and manufacturing sectors are now being considered.
“Projects should be bankable with a reasonable return. This is our first priority,” Wang says.
But ADB’s Zhang says there is much more to regional cooperation and integration than just physical infrastructure. “The so-called ‘soft’ side is also critical,” he adds.
Zhang Chenghui, director of the finance institute at the Development Research Center of the State Council, highlights the need, for instance, for more flights to boost soft infrastructure. She illustrates this by saying she has had difficulty booking a direct flight from Beijing to Astana.
“There is only one direct flight between the two capitals every few days, which normally takes you five to six hours. If you miss it, you’ll have to fly over 20 hours with one stopover or more,” laments Zhang.
Ekaterina Miroshnik, director for infrastructure in Russia and Central Asia with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, says: “Investment alone is not a sufficient condition for sustainable transportation and logistics.”
The biggest obstacles to trade and transport have often been procedural or customs-related. Citing a research by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Miroshnik says 50 percent of time is lost at the borders for trade between the Far East and Europe.
ADB’s Zhang says the regional development lender is increasingly shifting attention to harmonizing standards and improving the investment climate to facilitate trade.
After all, infrastructure development is more than just a race of how many kilometers of railways and new airports are being built. Alongside intensive hardware buildout, software upgrade plays an indispensible part in that boom.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Najib bangsat menunggu masa bungkam. Kroni2nya sudah resah, tak tidur malam. Ada yang sudah kencing seluar dalam, baik jantan baik betina.  

Idris Jala awal2 lagi cabut lari. Kroni2 lain perlu mencontohi beliau. Kalau tunggu lama buruk padahnya. Duit dah dapat. Apa hendak lagi. Shahrir Samad dah dapat 1juta dan akan berhenti berpolitik. 

Johan Jaafar (Media Prima), Badri (SB) berani lawan tokeh, berani tanggung. Syabas.

Pemuda UMNO Tampin, my hometown, tidak makan klentong, berprinsip bantah pimpinan. Pemuda Rembau bila lagi? KJ mahu play safe? Ado dio kato bodoh dulu. Duit Najib 2.6bilion tu datangnyo dari ahli UMNO. Dah kayo bonar ko oghang kito? Mengapa tidak derma Palestine, Rohinya?

Najib bela ramai kroni terdiri dari ahli2 kabinet, ketua2 jabatan, bahagian dll. Mereka yang tersungkam sama Najib termasuk:

Nazri Aziz, kaki belasah
Sharizat Jalil, lembu kondo
Ahmad Maslan, 3.85pointer
Hasan Malek, cap ayam
Shabery Chik
Tengku Adenan, carpet beggar
Zahid Hamidi?
Hasni, duit=unit
Anifah Aman, reported to WSJ
Salleh Said Keruak
Abdul Rahman, becoming top dog
Shahrir Samad,1juta Ringgit man
Sidek (Petronas Chairman)
Azeez (TH)
Tunku Aziz
Bloggers upahan

Kroni2 akan bermatian mempertahan Najib supaya kedudukan serta hidup mewah terselamat.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Dolah walaupun dimalukan oleh rakyat ada juga tempat ia berselindung naungan Najib. Sesekali keluar juga mukanya dalam TV dan surat khabar. Sesekali pergi luar negeri secara resmi. Dia  diberi masa untuk fade away dalam keadaan muka tebal. 

Tekanan dari dalam/luar negeri oleh berbagai pihak supaya Najib undur kian memuncak. Najib dan konco2nya sedar masa tidak memihak mereka. 

Bagaimana kalau sudah bungkam? Tiada tempat untuk sorok muka di Malaysia. Dan pengganti PM akan menyingkir kroni2 Najib.

Najib tidak akan dapat menebus kewiraan Bugis yang diakui sendiri. Yang beratnya ialah tidak dapat menebus kemertabatan nama keluarga Tun Razak. Malah dia penderhaka.

Beberapa senario boleh berlaku:
1) Merengkok dalam jail beberapa tahun atas kesalahan jenayah.
2) Najib dan keluarga bawa diri kenegara lain. Kemana ya? Duit berbilion.
3) Najib naik gila atas tekanan jiwa yang melampaui.
4) Harakiri.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Najib dan Rosmah dulu bukan main syok naik jet merata dunia. Sekarang mereka paranoid hendak keluar negeri takut ada muslihat menggulingkan PM. Nah, jet baru tersadai. Membazir duit rakyat. Rakyat didahulukan!

Saentero dunia tahu dia songlap duit berbilion. Fuckeda Najib sedar status pariahnya tidak laku lagi di peringkat internasional.

Malah orang Kazakhtan pun tidak terima dia. Buat malu kenkawan dengan penipu besar!

Dengan duit berbilion, Amerika dari New York ke Los Angeles tempat mainan Najib sekeluarga. Obama dibeli main golf. Batcha, come payback time! 

Najib contoh agung budaya UMNO. Kelentong habis2an. Dulu boleh, sekarang dengan internet cerita merebak cepat dan ramai menilai.

Siapa sangka dia akan lupa daratan dan gila kuasa.  Pangkat jadi hak mutlak. Dia boleh merancang. Allah lebih tahu dan maha berkuasa. 

Jaga2, orang ini paling merbahaya. Tersepit, sanggup membunuh. Sindiket pembunuh upahan ramai menunggu. Polis dalam genggaman siapa? Kes boleh tutup begitu saja. Ingat Altantuya, Bala, Khalil?

Beberapa tahun lalu, Rumie, engineer bekas staff saya di Sarawak dibunuh oleh orang upahan tetapi polis kata dia bunuh diri. Dia terlalu lurus dan baik orangnya untuk makan suap  bila pindah bertugas dalam Jabatan Alam Sekitar. Kes Teoh Beng Hock sangat menyerupai dengan Rumie.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Bersih 4. Askar hanya sapu minyak dan gosok2 senapang ketua turus kata. Ugut atau cabar? 

Darurat, baru angkat senapang. Dum, Ringgit akan jatuh lagi bila dengar darurat. 

Askar lama tidak meredah hutan. Jari gatal. Dulu, abang saya tiap kali tiga bulan masuk hutan hendap komunis. 

Jangan, kata polis. Kalau diteruskan padahnya 11 akan cedera parah maupun mati. Ingat Khalil?

Mengapa 11. Itu feng sui bangsat. Darah mengalir bila (pengecut) bugis amok. 

Rakyat kena simpan beras banyak2. Zaman perang Jepun akan sampai. Kebuluran. 

Tutup akaun bank ikut bangsat. Usah simpan Ringgit - nilainya akan seperti duit Jepun gambar pisang dulu.  

Monday, August 24, 2015


Ramai sudah menjadi bangsat di Malaysia kerana mencontohi pemerintah yang bangsat dan dajjal.

Bila Ringgit jatuh US1 = RM5, Amerika akan beli  apa saja kerana kita sudah menjadi negara bangsat dan bankrap.

Bila harga minyak jatuh US35/tong, Petronas akan gulung tikar burit. Masa harga minyak tinggi, wah bukan main, tak sedar diri. Bonus 6 - 12 bulan tiap tahun. Si Sidek itu tidak akan senang hati!

MACC, SB, Media (TV, surat khabar) dibangsatkan oleh Najib untuk mempertahankan kedudukan.

Felda dibangsatkan oleh Najib dan Isa melalui FGV. Dengan harga sawit dan getah merudum, Felda akan bankrap maupun terkubur.

TH yang terdekat dengan pintu syurga, Mekah telah dibangsatkan dan dikeparatkan oleh Najib dan Azeez. Sanggup mereka memperolokan rumah Allah dan bakal haji.

Parlimen telah dibangsatkan oleh Najib kerana bohong berbilion duit 1MDB dari Cayman dan dimasukkan dalam bank di Singapura. Duit  kemudian jadi unit kata lapdognya!   

Hak demokrasi dibangsatkan menjadi hak mutlak. Najib sudah gila kuasa.

UMNO dan Melayu telah dibangsatkan oleh Najib. Anak sanggup membangsatkan usaha bapa.

Tentang duit yang tidak bangsat Najib kerana ada derma 2.6bilion dalam saku. Biar rakyat didahulukan (bangsat).

Sedar atau tidak yang bangsat tidak mengaku bangsat kerana sudah terlalu bangsat menyelok perkasam biar sampai pangkal lengan. 

Friday, August 21, 2015


The 1MDB was not planned yesterday but years ago as early when two devilish tembams got to know each other, Jho Lo and Rosmah. Najib, as a pretender is the front and conduit to siphon billions. They got it all planned way back then. 

It is said that those who plan in the day are more dangerous than those who do at night.

Sloganeering - high income economy, economic transformation, I hear you, rakyat didahulukan and such is just part of the grand design of hidden a agenda to appease, muddle and subjugate peoples' minds. 

Najib is the epitome of a liar. In the parliament he said that part of the 1MDB money was brought back from Cayman Islands and deposited in Singapore due to restrictions from BNM. Later, it was not money but "units" his lapdog had to admit under Najib's orders for sure. As it turned out the money was his, a humongous donation into his personal accounts in Malaysia which was later transferred out to Singapore. 

So, truly Najib's motto is "cash is king". However, it is not the penultimate. It has evolved into "cash is god", a more dangerous paradigm. Anything goes as long as cash is the reward. Whatever moral and religious principles you have are thrown out of the window. Let the devil take the hindmost. 

Thus, the government is full of personified dajjals, big and small nurtured by Najib to serve and protect his position, interests, and survival. In an essence, to a dajjal, what is right is wrong, what is wrong is right. Thus, when the topmost dajjal is dead wrong, he must be rightfully right or wrongfully right depending on the state of minds of the suckers. The leader must be defended at all stakes. 

Indications are that Malaysia is heading to a failed state, a stage when the laws of the jungle prevail. As it is the laws of the country have been turned upside down by Najib himself. "Cash is god" is godless!


Although the Special Branch is somewhat crippled at the upper echelon, its integrity is much intact if not enhanced. An agency that has been led by good people will have many good people working in it. Much is true that an institution led by corrupt leaders will have corrupt people in it.

We were told that a school child son of a teacher in Nilai bragged that they are now very rich unlike before. His mother gets lots of money in the arms business.   Most likely someone else, her husband or close relative has the license to sell arms, oftentimes people approach her to help buy arms.

The teacher is highly connected to the powers that be. To ensure no hanky-panky, can the SB investigate the manner of licensing, conduct of sales, security breach if any, legality and whatever else that matters?

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Siapa orang tua itu? Kalau betul Zahid kata dan ada bukti sahih orang tua mampu guling kerajaan cara coup de tat atau revolusi tangkaplah dia. Usah buat cerita gempaq menakut2kan rakyat. Kalau orang tua itu mahu gunakan vote of no confidence itu cara demokratik dan tidak menyalahi undang2. 

Rakyat mahu Najib turun dan diganti. Kerajaan tetap ada, yang berubah hanya anggota kepimpinan. Tidak perlu PhD untuk membezakan antara kerajaan dan Najib. Kerajaan bukan hanya Najib. Najib hanya ketuanya. 

Sesiapa sahaja yang seleweng duit perlu diberkas ikut undang2. Apatah lagi ketua yang melanun. Takkan TPM hendak diajar pula. Murah sangat PhD sekarang ni!

Shahrir kata, dia minta dia dapat 1 juta. Ahmad 3.85 pointer minta dapat 2 juta. Senang mintak duit dari kepala bapaknya. Tidak adil dan tidak manasabah kalau ramai yang lain tidak minta. Orang2 bawahan hendak juga. Apa punya budaya ini?. Siapa yang Mahathir kata sudah dibeli tu? Ada PhD atau tidak?

SB telah lumpuh dan ditakut2kan. Siapa akan buat investigasi dan mengesahkan maklumat?  Mudah orang buat cerita. Agensi mana atau siapa   dapat sahkan  bahwa Zahid tidak olok2 tentang orang tua itu? Diiakan sajalah kerana ada tekanan. 

Dajjal jadian, besar dan kecil sedang membiak dan bermaharaja lela.  Motto mereka "cash is king". I have the power, I am the judge and jury. 

As it the Malays cannot run the country. Given the chance they abuse it. It is becoming that "cash is god". To whom do you turn to when the country is bankrupt? 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


As a multibillionaire (not PM) Najibugis has the privilege to play golf in Hawaii. Obama could enjoy to such leisure after the works and thrift. A scandalous  person don't. 

Najibugis is beyond recall. The annals of history will bury him deep as the man who stole the government. Many who are thick with "cash is king" eg. Shahrir (1million), Ahmad Maslan (2million) will go down too. 

The saying "to be buried at Wounded Knee" meant to be heroic though tragic. For Najibugis is just the opposite.

It is not golfing just to be pretentious but know the inner workings of Yankee policies and technologies. 

Najibugis doesn't know a thing (about bridges) beyond his nose bridge. His self interest overrides rational judgement. 
New York, the Brooklyn Bridge, begun in 1868, John Roebing. The cable trains were removed in 1944, at the far right, is the Tribune Building, 1873-76, by Richard Morris Hunt.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Forbes, Aug 9, 2015

Malaysia's Prime Minister: A Dead Man Walking? 

Malaysia’s Prime  Minister broke a cardinal rule in politics. He inadvertently admitted ‘guilt’ when the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission cleared him of any wrong doing in accepting a political donation. His position – vulnerable since his ascent to premiership – is no longer tenable as Malaysians question his sincerity and trustworthiness.

On 2 July 2015, the Wall Street Journal alleged that $700 million had gone into a personal bank account of Malaysia’s Prime Minister. The Prime Minister offered a non-denial denial : 

Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRCInternational or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.
The Prime Minister also labelled the report a political sabotage and threatened to sue the Wall Street Journal (more than a month after the allegation was made, at time of publishing this article, the Prime Minister has yet to sue).

As the noose tightened around his neck, the Prime Minister went for broke.

On 20 July 2015, the Sarawak Report, a blog that had been systematically publishing reports on corruption and abuse of power in Malaysia was blocked by ‘the government’. An arrest warrant for its founder-editor, Clare Rewcastle-Brown was subsequently issued.

On 24 July 2015, ‘the government’ announced that The Edge Financial Dailyand The Edge Weekly that had been reporting extensively on the 1MDB issue were to be suspended for three months.

On 28 July 2015, the prime minister sacked his deputy and four other ministers in a cabinet reshuffle in an effort to strengthen his control of the government and the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). With the cabinet reshuffle, the Prime Minister also neutralized the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee that had been vigorously investigating the 1MDB affair. He also removed the attorney-general, who as part of a high-level task force (involving the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Central Bank of Malaysia, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Royal Malaysian Police) was believed to have been preparing to chargethe prime minister for corruption.
After pulling off this brazen act skilfully, the Prime Minister blinked.

On 3 August 2015, the ‘MACC’ announced that the $700 million channelled into the Prime Minister’s personal bank account came from donors. In doing this, the Prime Minister inadvertently confirmed the Wall Street Journal’sreport and opened Pandora ’s Box .

This admission of ‘guilt’ has taken the toxicity of the Prime Minister to an all-time high. More damaging than the legality of the matter (i.e. was itcorrupt for the Prime Minister to solicit donations on behalf of UMNO; is it certain that the donations were for UMNO; who donated; what were the donations for; were the donations used at the 2013 general elections; did the donation break Malaysian laws; etc) is the question of trust and legitimacy.

Malaysians will now once again question the Prime Minister’s honesty and sincerity in denying all other allegations made against him, his family and his administration. After all, if the Wall Street Journal’s  preposterous allegation is correct, could all other preposterous allegations be true?

Malaysians will begin to wonder if there is truth to the preposterous allegations made by the suspended The Edge Finance Daily and The Edge Weekly.

Malaysians will begin to wonder if there is truth to the numerous preposterous allegations made by the blocked Sarawak Report.

Malaysians will begin to wonder if there is truth to the many preposterous allegations on 1MDB by members of the opposition.

Malaysians may also begin to wonder if there is truth to all other preposterous allegations made about the Prime Minister, his wife and hisfamily.

Malaysians will begin to wonder if there is truth to the preposterous claims being made by Bersih 2.0, namely that elections are neither free nor fair in Malaysia.

UMNO members will begin to wonder if there is truth to the sacked Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyddin’s preposterous premonitions about UMNO’s future.

Having realised this faux pas, the Prime Minister and UMNO are currently engaged in rear-guard action to correct the mistake. But for an embattledPrime Minister already suffering serious trust and legitimacy deficit, this may be too late.

One should not however dismiss the Prime Minister outright. It goes without saying that a dead man walking can be very unpredictable and dangerous.

Note: It appears that ‘the government’ and its ‘agencies’ (e.g. the Attorney General’s Office, the MACC, the Central Bank) are divided on 1MDB. It appears that some are aligned to protecting the Prime Minister, others intent on removing him, and some who are just doing their work. I discuss this in next week’s article.

(extracted from Din Turtle' blog)

Sunday, August 9, 2015


 Surveying the panorama of his city from atop the Hotel Indonesia, Djakarta's Governor, Ali Sadikin, discusses progress and problems.

Source: Horizons c. 1966

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Who is the RM2.6billion donor? KJ spinned that UMNO members gave the money. Podah! Once these people got the money through projects and whatnot the money are theirs. We have seen it in many cases. 

A major listed company was given on a platter to a trio of UMNO members, instead of expansion the company is defunct within a few years. The assets were sold to a chinaman conglomerate. The three beneficiaries are of course millionaires at the expense of helping other Malays.

Bastards are running the country. The police state is coming. Instead of arresting the thieves, lo and behold, arrest the catchers of thieves. This is the sad sate of the nation. How cornered and desperate Najibugis (and coterie of morons) resorted to lying (in Parliament ...) and spinning (units? ...) to confound the truth.

Aghast with the bastards, what is there saying some dastardly words to them when the state of the country is spiralling down. Niceties have been thrown out of the window. Reasoning, pleasanteries and patience are running low amongst the rakyat. 

Where does the Ringgit stands now? The cost of living has skyrocketed because of their misgovernance. Dollah raised the price of petrol 3 times a year. Najibugis, the mother of all pretenders did similarly along with GST. 

They want the rakyats' blood to flow! There will come a time when things become intolerable. That already happened to Khalil. What led him to amok. Who killed him? The state or Najib?

The winds of change are coming, we hear. And when the tide comes it'll wait for no man.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Che Det pernah menyatakan  Kool Dolah ada menyimpangkan duit RM750milion semasa menjadi PM.   Ini berlaku selepas menaikan harga minyak 3 kali dalam setahun! Jumlahnya tak sebanyak RM3bilion seperti Najibugis. Duit derma juga kah? 

Kedua2 ni nak selongkar Mahathir kononya ada penyelewengan semasa 22 tahun sebagai PM? "Kalau saya diperiksa, Dolah pun kena juga", kata Mahathir. Ada berani! 

Najibugis lagi kecut teloq kerana dapat segunung 'derma'  untuk parti kononya. Mengapa berdiam diri tidak beritahu rakyat? Apa maksudnya? Kalau tidak didedahkan WSJ tentu sedunia tidak tahu. 

"Saman WSJ", katanya. Tidak pulak berani tetapi saman atas tuduhan lain bukan fasal 1MDB. Pembelit betul the fuckda dajjal.

UMNO bastardised (to borrow Nazir) and the country too. If not so, where is the Ringgit now?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Dua budak kampong dari Perak menjadi menteri banyak tahun tetapi percakapan mereka seolah gangstar  budak kampong. Sia2 saja sudah sampai tahap tinggi dengan gaji besar tidak ubah perangai. Satu dari Gunung Semanggol, satu dari Bagan Datoh yang kononya ada PhD. Cakap besar menampakan kebodohan mereka. 

Yang Semanggol, menjadi menteri bererti kena belasah katanya. Rakyat belasah keranan cakap bodoh. Kalau cakap betul faktanya rakyat tidak perlu menyebok kerana banyak lagi kerja lain yang berfaedah.

Dulu digajikan anaknya untuk menjaga kawasan parlimenya. Bila dibelash baru tarik balik keputusan. Ia memang sebulu dengan Najibugis gunakan duik rakyat seperti duit bapaknya. He is Najibugis's lapdog.

Dia kata umur bangunan Parlimen sudah 50 tahun, sudah usang, bocor sana sini, banyak kena repair. Bila sudah repair bocor lagi. Tahukah dia berapa umur bangunan parlimen Britain!

Si Bagan Datoh, bila naik jadi TPM, wah, bukan main beri amaran keras usah fitnah 1MDB dll seolah rakyat semua bangang atau budak sekolah. Katanya TPM untuk 1Malaysia.  Bukan itu perkara logik. 

Dulu ia kata Shiah bukan Islam. Hebat sungguh berlagak seperti tuhan (play god) menjatuhkan hukum. Itu cara mudah atau membabi-buta untuk menyelesaikan masaalah persepsi agama. 

Semasa buat PhD ia sudah kaya maklumlah pernah menjadi pengerusi BSN. Ada kawan beritahu duit digunakan untuk siapkan projek2. 

Jatuhnya Najibugis tidak lama lagi akan jatuhlah kedua2 lapdog ini.

Ramai orang atasan UMNO bertabiat kaki spin kononya untuk menegakkan parti  maupun ketua tidak mengira prinsip agama, etika, sosial, ekonomi dsb. Muslihat akhirnya personal interest. Saya berbincang dengan bekas orang kuat UMNO buat spin, katanya baik Najibugis pegang duit kalau nominee simpan duit hangus. Tengok Anwar, dia masuk jail, nominee2 hidup mewah. Dia lupa bahawa dulunya ia pun nominee Anwar!