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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Lest we forget the sacrifices by the Armed Forces, citizens, statesmen, and even foreigners to fight for and maintain our independence.
VAT 69 Demolition Team disarming a "pressure type" booby trap.

They sought no fame or glory, nor heroes' praise.
They sought to earn their daily bread, and to live in peace, harming no man.
Which was denied to them by man's inhumanity to man, in blind subservience to an alien creed.
Of them let it be said in respect and humility, and let us not forget, that they knew the ever present danger but were steadfast ....... and were men.

Onn Jaafar, spearheading UMNO.

Notable contributions by many leading to progress and development of independent Malaysia. Ungku Omar, 16th Director of IMR (Institute of Medical Research), 1965-1969.

There are only four good men of the six.

Tunku Abdul Rahman has the bravest vision to enlarge our rice bowl.
$228 million Kuala Muda Irrigation (MADA) project in Kedah under construction in the early 70's.


Merdeka tests for national harmony.

Friday, August 29, 2014


"Wow, wow, give a dog a bone" goes a lyric of a famous song. Was it by the Beatles?

Muhyidin is looking for the "WOW" in UMNO. He himself don't have the WOW whatmore those in UMNO even you entice them with a RM10,000 carrot. He is just like Najib. Money, money. Shallow and childish thought!

I recalled that the first article I wrote to NST was "Don't sell our tail end" meant for Muhyidin for unregulated selling of landed properties to sinkies when he was MB of Johore!

A restaurant along Jln Pudu has the WOW factor!

Al Jib, fingering the icon. Who are you going to fool? Only the fools.
Icon (Gk eikon) 1: a usual pictoral representation: Image; 2: a conventional religous image typically painted on a small wooden panel and used in the devotion of Eastern Christians; 3: an object of uncritical devotion.

Tun Razak never claim himself iconic. Najib must have put him up there so that he can legitimately claim to be one.

This humble man caricatured here not only an accomplished author but a successful private GP and above all the PM for 22 meaningful years. Yet, he never claim himself to be iconic, the rakyat don't label him an icon.

Najib, tak tebal muka ke masuk dalam bakul angkat sendiri? Patutlah University of Nottingham tak luluskan dia! 

This man, an actor, a singer, a romantist par excellence won't call himself an icon. His renditions and movies are much alive today as if P. Ramlee is alive. Najib tak sedar diri ke?
P. Ramlee and Saloma.

There are thousands and thousands of people who have done great to the world never claim themselves to be iconic. But recognition and awards given were/are from the public. 
David Attenborough.

Just yesterday Najib was talking about Islamic compliance during Majlis Perdana Ulama at Putrajaya. Is it Islamic to call your ownself an icon? Najib pura2 ke? 

Muhy, the WOW that you are looking is to put Al Jib the pseudo-icon to pasture before 11.11.14! Gimmee the 10,000.

Monday, August 18, 2014


I am the King. Why not? Everybody around me from the lowly animals,  man, and even angels call me King. King Al Jib Gor that is. 

"4. Izinkan saya mencerita cerita dongeng berkenaan seorang raja Inggeris. Ia dikelilingi dengan ramai dato-dato yang mendakwa dia adalah seorang raja yang amat berkuasa keatas segala-galanya..." 

You see, I am as strong as a rock. I have placed cronies around me with tarnished records on purpose so that they will give unflinching support. In fact, they are ready to swim or sink with me. 

My cronies have been drugged al beit monetarily to balless buggers. 

"16. Saya lihat bagaimana orang Melayu tidak mudah menegur pemimpin. Walaupun pemimpin jelas bersalah, tidak ada siapa yang sanggup menegur secara terbuka. Tetapi di belakang pemimpin mereka akan keluarkan kata-kata yang kesat terhadapnya."

You may say that there is a big nought between my two ears. It is not true. Proof - the Nottingham University failed to graduate me.

"25. Apakah dianya yang saya fikir salah. Ia bermula dengan pendirian melayani semua tuntutan musuh. ISA dan undang-undang buang daerah dimansuh. Tindakan ini tidak sedikit pun mengurangkan tentangan oleh parti lawan. Sebaliknya jenayah bertambah dengan banyaknya kerana pembebasan ketua-ketua geng."

"31. Sesungguhnya banyaklah dasar, pendekatan dan perbuatan Kerajaan pimpinan Dato Seri Najib yang merosakkan hubungan antara kaum..."

Me and my FELDA settlers jibe well. They are are like children that need candies every time. 

"26. Demikian juga dengan sikap merendah diri kepada ..."

Najib has to go, latest by 11.11.14. His feng shui number is 11, he said.

Ku Li awaiting? How about Muhyidin? He is busy looking for "Wow" for he himself has no "Wow" whatever that is!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


It seems that Najib's 14-day hiatus has been answered.

It is no bitching that everyone deserves a holiday commensurate with the terms of employment, position, work responsibilities, time and money available, preferences - types, places, company, duration, and whatnot. It is akin to saying that everyone needs love.

As PM there are many things that come with the job. If you don't care about such things don't take the job. He must at all times show exemplary character  and carry himself well. The billion RM question is this the appropriate mode of holiday for a PM? The next billion RM question to ask: Why not go after GST? The multi-billion RM question: Does he deserve to be PM?

PM & FLOS On Summer Holiday With Chinese Bizmen in Cannes, Back On 15th
Syed Akbar Ali at OutSyed The Box - 1 day ago
I heard earlier that quite a few Chinese bizmen were with the PM but was not sure. Here is the Asia Sentinel and thanks to the reader who sent me this info.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


After the Ukraine trip, Najib is emulating the MH370 magic disappearance. For the past 14.5 days he  is somewhere but no where to be heard. Let it be, much, much longer for the more he is around the worse the country becomes.

Suffice to say that he and FLOM are taking deep rests, frolicking, wallowing, hammocking, and whatever else.

Mahathir has never been blunt for him to resign. Najib is a nut who doesn't know between a panda and a gila monster (privatisation vs nationalisation).

Rumour has it that he is in Thailand somewhere in the Golden Triangle amongst the Lahu tribe picking poppies. That has to be ruled out because he is supposed not to have anything to do with opium, not a whiff of it.

The senor and FLOM senorita can't be in Del Rio, Mexico because it is not bull-fighting season. Anyway they are averse to bulls after the Lembu Condo affair. It is rumoured that Shahrizat's bull(shit)-husband was trained  at Del Rio.

On the streets of Al-Hamra, Beirut. Nay.

He can't possibly be at the Shalimar Gardens of Moghal fame in Kashmir, things are not safe there nowadays.

For all you know they could be Obama's guests doing the hula in Hawaii! Tonggek FLOM would love to wiggle her buttocks strapped with straw skirt.

Don't tell me he has gone bonkers with just a cawat tilling the mudland somewhere in the Indian subcontinent! Ask Samyvellu.

It's ok if you keep us guessing Jib. It's becoming part of our way of life under your clueless misgovernance.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Once upon a time, the land of the pharaoh was dancing the time away. It was good times.

 The fez unworn. Music and belly dancing times. Cultural finesse of the sensuous kind?

Gowns worn, let's dance the slow folk of western music.

Umm Kalthom rendering folk songs. Keeping traditions alive along with the transition.

Relax, chat and drink Arabian coffee in roadside cafes. Paris in Egypt. Ah, what good times!

School children  indoctrinated to western culture, skirts for girls. The lady in the middle, left, bare shoulder, strapless?

In the reign of King Farouk, the 'British monarchy' in Egypt. Egypt westernised and under their tutelage.

Come 1952, Farouk, for the excesses and being a puppet was fittingly overthrown by Mohammed Naguib and Gamal Nasser.

American cars used to crowd the streets of Cairo .

Now, the Firaun is back backed by their former slaves and Semitic blood-brother, the Jews. But Joseph was in-charge of the granary and hence ruled Egypt at one time.

Friday, August 8, 2014


TS Omar Abdul Rahman is responsible for spear-heading science, technology, and innovation (STI) especially during Dr. Mahathir times. Pic of Prof as I call him (below) that I took at a kenduri in PJ recently. 

Later he mailed me  his book 'Science, Technology and Innovation Policy' published in 2013. Middle of this year I thanked him along with my recent book 'Bibliography of Japanese Contributions towards Agriculture, Science, and Socio-Economic Development in Malaysia and the ASEAN Region' published by UPM. 

His biodata speaks for itself.

Foreword by Dr. Mahathir  in Prof Omar's book. 

Basic pairing of elements (science and research, technology and development, innovation and commercialisation) and parallelism between STI and RDC (Research, Development and Commercialization) systems.

Four functional groups of technologies that contribute towards socio-economic development:
1. To meet basic needs;
2. To enhance quality of life;
3. For wealth creation; and
4. For good governance.

Foundation requirements for research and development (R & D).

Human capital is the core prerequisite to set the wheels in synchronised motion for all human endeavour in this competitive world. This calls for a wholesome development of manpower involved for any scale of exercise, however big or small. It is desired that individuals possess intellectual capacity, work and social skills, entrepreneurship, psychological maturity, and spiritual tenacity.

The holistic development of human capital must begin at home to be further strengthened and broadened during the stages of educational, formal or informal, and finally at the workplace.

For the STI policy to succeed, the stakeholders should seek and develop smart partnerships  in a myriad of possibilities such as being strategic, innovative, collaborative, competitive, seeking best solutions, win-win situations and outcomes. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Tigers are protected animals. The Orang Asli in the jungle or nearby are still at the mercy of Pak Belang. Denudation of animals in the jungles led tigers to leave their habitats to prey on domesticates in villages.

Scarred: Yok Kalong pointing at the tiger claw marks on Yok Meneh's back.

From 'Tigers of Terengganu' by Locke, a Game Warden. Terengganu at one time was infested with wild tigers, a menace to the people and animal husbandry. 

Waiting for the tiger from a tree platform some 15 feet above ground. A life bait (goat) is tied below it.

Two tigers shot by Locke. Pak Mat was his assistant.

A number of people are needed to shoulder a dead tiger.

Rose Chan was once a must see 'tigeress' of Malaya perform.

Shoot the tigeress. A painting by Dali, famous Spanish surreal artist.