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Wednesday, May 12, 2021



  • trade delegation will leave for Saudi Arabia, UAE on April 26
  • headed by MITI Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali 
  • will meet top officials of both countries 
  • hold one-to-one business meetings with prominent Saudi,  Emirati companies
  • part of continuous effort by Miti to promote business with West Asia 
  • following official visit of PM to Saudi, UAE in March
  • In Saudi Arabia, Azmin will meet Commerce Minister, Mineral Resources Minister 
  • In UAE, meeting Minister of Economy; Minister for Foreign Trade

How many members of MITI's in the trade delegation? Not much work now during Covid so while the time and (tax payers') money away to reach heaven.

Well, the PM (big) delegation had been to the gateway of heaven. He got Hajj's quota increased, an achievement(?) but who wants to go there during these times? 

PM said the country has no money. I did not my pension for March. What happened to RM600 billion taken from the coffers?

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